Stress is now widely to be found among most people. One of the major stress factors is the moving day. Yes, people find the moving day quite a hateful activity in their entire lifetime. Doing all by oneself means lifting furniture, damaging or breaking valuable household items, and incurring possible injury. The other alternative is to hire the services of Lexington movers.

However, there are certain pitfalls when it comes to hiring the services of a mover. The biggest of these pitfalls is to get scammed by the hired mover. How to find the best mover and protect oneself from getting scammed?

Finding the best mover

Select more than one moving company, preferably a minimum of 3, and ask them to send quotes. The availability of different quotes will help you in knowing how the service charges differ among movers. This helps you in doing a comparison of service charges between the different service providers to provide the same type of work, depending on the same household items of yours that need to be moved. This would provide you in finding the honest one from others. If most quotes come in the range of 2000 dollars, and one quote is for 500 dollars, then it is for certain that the 500 dollar mover service is a potential scam. Hence, it makes sense to be wary when selecting low-cost movers.

Ask the various movers to provide their license information, like USDOT number, emails, phone number, and websites. You can also verify with the Department of Assessment and Taxation if the moving company is registered or incorporated. If there is no information about the company, then it would do well to stay away from it.

Ensure that the information that you provide on their website is true. Often it is found that customers give a little information about their inventory to get a cheaper quote. It needs mentioning here that on the day of the move, if the company finds a piano that did not exist on the inventory list but needs to be relocated, they could charge a good sum to move it. You could ask the company to provide an onsite estimate that the company would provide.

Before calling any Lexington movers, do a research on the many movers and packers that are local to you. This would help you find honest and professional movers in the locality. You could ask your family and friends and find out if they have taken the services of any reliable movers in the past. The availability of referrals and online recommendations are important to finding the best movers. In addition, one also needs to go through the reviews as given on their moving website. However, one needs to be careful when comparing the star ratings. If a mover gets 5-star rating while other movers get 1 or 2-star, then it is a matter of concern if the 5-starreviewsare written by the mover itself or if it is a fake. One can contact the Better Business Bureau to find out the quality of services that the mover offers to its customers.

See to it that you get the right services that you asked for. Find out what services your mover is offering to you and then make a decision. It should be noted that the cost of packing services and materials used is costly and doing it yourself could save a considerable amount of dollars. Also, doing the loading and unloading yourself could save an additional amount of money. There are some movers that offer services which are “A la Carte”. Hence, letting these companies do the moving for you would provide a great experience. It is the flexibility of the demand and the availability of key information that would help your move efficient.

If you are looking for full-service Lexington movers, then the price would definitely going to be a hefty one, especially if it is a long distance move. If theprice is not a hindrance for you, then this option would be the best option to go for as there is no worrying about hiring the right truck or packing with right materials, or if your friend or family not turning up to help you for the move. Any honest full-service mover will do the whole of a job all through.

When contacting a moving company, find out how the company responds to your queries. Certain rogue movers do their best to provide less information when contacted, and when some issues come up, they would decline to provide necessary services, saying it was not agreed upon when hiring. Get their promises of services they would offer in writing, including their estimate. Never go for any kind of verbal communication because they could deny at any time about the promises. Ask the movers to provide booklet about your rights and responsibilities that you should know before moving.